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PPI Truly needs your support to achieve its simple mission: “The reduction of companion animal overpopulation throughout the world.” At first glance a seemingly daunting task, but with a truly simple solution: Put 100% effort into spay/neuter campaigns, train veterinarians to … To read more click here.

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In this section you will find talks and educational files Dr. Young has put together to help the understanding of important information around spay and neuter, ethical treatment of animals, being a responsible pet owner, and the benefits of owning a pet. Follow the links below to learn more, and of course if you have any questions please feel free to call the clinic!


- The Latham Letter ( The Montana Spay and Neuter Task Force)

- Montana Spay and Neuter Task Force

- Facts about Spaying and Neutering Cats and Dogs

- Benefits of Owning a Pet

- Are You a Responsible Pet Owner?

- Top 3 Reasons You Should Spay/Neuter Your Companion Animal!

- The Controversy is Over: Pre-pubertal Neutering is the surgery of Choice

- Doggie Do’s & Don’ts/Talking Dog by Jez Rose:

Dr. Young’s Power Point Corner!

spay and neuter on a budget 2010

spay and neuter on a budget 2010

View more presentations from cubias2009.

Solution to the crisis august 2011

View more presentations from cubias2009.
Prepube Talks


Dr. Mackie’s Quick Spay:

Dr. Peggy W. Larson’s Five Minute Cat Spay: